Raise offers one of the best nature trails, the combinations of adventure and fun filled learning. We are specialized in nature aligned activities. May it be camping in tents or rafting in river we are the best in every aspect of camping. Our team of experts will expose you to the most fascinating hobby of Bird Watching.

Having associated with nature is exciting and adventures. Nature has abundant learning every element of nature has something to learn. Look around to observe things as if you are seeing them for the very first time. Become one with the object of observation.
The sun provides light and warmth irrespective of who benefits from it. It shines on all. The clouds, rivers, mountains and jungles follow the same example of universal love. Trees provide shade, fruits and flowers for healthy environment and food for hungry with the same unattached benevolence for all. They do not demand any favour in return. The earth matures the seeds into healthy plants irrespective of who planted the seeds or who will benefit from them. This truly is like mother’s love which is equal and forgiving for all children even when some are the cause of hurt to her.

If one learns from nature, the world will be a much better place as the destructive tendencies like jealousy, envy, hatred and selfishness will be eliminated. A new era of mutual love and trust will dawn on earth. All differences of caste, color, race, gender and age will melt away. Most of the modern age problems have arisen because we have stopped learning from nature and caring for it.
We have module for every age may it be school children or adult learning. Each module includes audio video presentation, filed trip and lot of nature games.


  • Two night and three days Nature Camp
  • One night nature trail
  • Day nature adventure trail