Travel Abroad

If you are a group of 20+ then you are entering to an attractive group package. During your tour, you have the delightful advantage of having a tour escort who has full knowledge about the destination, its history and culture. Value Holidays provides you with an experienced, competent tour escort to accompany most tours to attend to your arrangements on location. They are fully informed with all aspects of your tour itinerary. You have the option of escort or you can manage yourself with our expert associates in the country you travel. Visit our download section to see the latest package.

We develop and operate travel itineraries that provide the optimum blend of educational, professional and recreational experiences according to the goals and desires of your group. We are complete, thorough and professional in planning your travel itinerary for the daily needs of your group, down to the smallest detail. We carefully design and choreograph a travel itinerary with a refreshing mix of sightseeing, leisure, adventure and culture. You’ll experience spectacular scenery and exciting events other travelers only dream about. Every detail of your itinerary is handled seamlessly.

We offer you the most competent prices and help you to find out the right airlines and right package. We have the expertise of traveling to more than 80 countries. Our first hand experience will give you the vision of what you should not do, so that you continue doing what is right.
Finding a tour that’s right for you or your group can be a somewhat daunting process. That’s why RAISE makes it easy for you by giving you what you want on your custom tour. We use our experience to shape unforgettable memories for your group custom tour. We focus on providing responsibly priced, high-quality tour services personalized for our worldwide clientele. When you travel with RAISE you simply get more – customized itineraries, quality hotels, experience and great value! Don’t just take it from us; ask the people who experienced our service.


Europe for 16 days with United Kingdom- Belgium – Netherlands-Germany-Switzerland-Liechtenstein-Austria-France-Italy-Vatican ten countries. Departure on 8 May 2018. All meals and 3/4* Hotel with Emirates flight.


March 26- 01 April 2018. 7 Days in paradise with all inclusive package in great style with lot of new additions. You miss it you will miss it ever.